Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 4: The Marketing Enviroment

       The House of Chanel is globally established company that has been around for over a century, resulting in an extensive range of target markets. Chanel products are an assortment of clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics that attract people from around the around the world of all ages. Chanel isn't the most affordable brand when it comes to retail, consequently the preferable audience is for people of higher income and celebrities. 
       The ready to wear clothing depending on the collection, mostly targets men and woman of today's generation (generation x). Some not all collections are targeted towards the younger generation because Chanel is a ageless brand which, a woman of any generation would appreciate wearing. The accessories, and handbags are also the alike depending on the style of the product can be wearable for any generation. As for cosmetics and skin care depending on the product, may be used for woman ages 16 and above.  The skin care line offers many different products for the type of skin a woman may have. For example the ultra correction line repair cream is a product developed for anti-wrinkle maybe be used for woman in their mid 30's and older.  For younger woman, the mousse exfoliante pureté is a rinse-off exfoliating cleansing foam purity cleanser may seem more appealing to use. 

       In terms of perfume there are also directed target markets for woman. The most well known perfume and best seller, Chanel No. 5 is said to represent a mature strong woman of elegance and sophistication. The scent is captured to be very distinct and classy. The perfume is distinguished to be worn for mature chic, refined woman. The commercial used for Chanel No. 5 is represented by the very elegant Nicole Kidman. In the commercial Nicole is portrayed as the most famous woman in the world, with whom an anonymous writer becomes infatuated with. Afterwards, a fragrant memory is all he has of her, "her kiss, her smile, her perfume."  The newest Chanel No. 5 commercial has made recent history because for the first time a male actor, Brad Pitt is the spokesperson. The commercial had received many mixed reviews, but as news reports have said numbers don't lie, resulting in another hit ad for the reinvention of Chanel No. 5. 

       In terms of targeting towards a younger market, the perfume Coco Mademoiselle is indicated for young woman. The most recent commercial for Coco Mademoiselle stars Keira Knightley.Three years after the first commercial film, Knightley reprises her role as Coco Mademoiselle, a modern day Coco Chanel whose mysterious, daring and rebellious. The commercial takes on a urban feel, with Knightley appearing on the streets of Paris in a chic, beige motorcycle jumpsuit. The commercial shows the relationship between the photographer and the model, reflecting of sense independence.The fragrance represents the spirit of Coco Chanel in this feminine, sexy, young and exciting fragrance.


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