Monday, March 4, 2013

Chapter 5: Developing a Global Vision

         Of all the luxury fashion brands in the world, Chanel is possibly the most famous, as well as the most private. Chanel S.A is an independent and unlisted company, which was found in 1909 in Paris, by Gabrielle Chanel. Chanel is a world leader and innovator in high fashion that includes clothing, accessories, skincare, jewelry, and fragrances.  There are over 200 Chanel stores located worldwide. Chanel skin care, cosmetics, and fragrance products can as well be found in some department stores, and airports. 

       Currently, Chanel operates its business in five regions, each of which is led by regional heads. Each regional head directly report to the Global CEO. The Japanese division, Chanel K.K. has eight company-owned retail boutiques, five of which are in central Tokyo, such as the flagship store in Ginza. There are 30 shop-in boutiques, and 13 that specialize in Chanel watches and jewelry. President Richard Collasse head of Chanel K.K. is in charge of the Asian region.  President Collasse is the key figure in Asian market because he manages the operations in the growing markets in China and India on top of the already flourishing Japanese market. In Paris, where Chanel was founded, there are five company-owned retail boutiques; one of which specializes in shoes. There seven shop-in-shop boutiques that, three of which specialize in shoes and four boutiques specializing in Chanel watches and jewelry. 
         Chanel employees all share Chanel’s global vision accordingly to the company. From research given, Chanel presents a vision on the occasion that the company aspires for a change. The vision stated at the start of 2008 was to be “The Ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever.” This statement suggests that Chanel aspires to be the fundamental model of what a luxury brand should look like as well show Chanel’s dedication to producing luxurious and high-quality products. To define style, thus fashion is said to fade but style is eternal according to Coco Chanel. Lastly stating “now and forever” suggesting the constancy, endurance and the agelessness of Chanel. At the basis of Chanel’s global vision is Coco Chanel’s philosophy and attitude. The vision compels employees to constantly change with the times and environment. Chanel itself is the world’s highest form of total luxury. The first-class market is and will always be the market in which Chanel strives to be number one. Although it belongs to the category of luxury brands, such as  Prada and Louis Vuitton, Chanel did not emerge as a result of the desires of royals and aristocrats.  Chanel will continue to promote and expand globally since it has for the past decades. 

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