Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chapter 6 : Consumer Decision Making

       What is it about luxury items that make people want to buy them? Is the quality of the item, material, or style? There are many key factors that go through a consumer's mind before purchasing an item. For Chanel, consumer's buy for style, class and quality of the item. Chanel products are easily recognized because they are so well known. Media is a huge factor in buying Chanel products. Whether it is your favorite celebrity or advertisement in a fashion magazine, there are many reasons for consumer's to desire a Chanel product. The company offers an array of products that cater to men and woman, although Chanel is often viewed a feminine brand. Chanel products aren't always affordable for the work class, this is another factor in consumer decision making for the buyer to consider. With expenses comes sacrifices, but some individuals value style and quality more than price. The company does not aim to be affordable, Chanel provides for luxury, not cost efficiency.  Consumer's continue to buy products based on the innovation of the product lines, which continue to grow and expand. With the innovation of the products, Chanel has adapted to current times and the digital evolution. Consumer's can stay connected through the Chanel website, Chanel app, Chanel News blog, the new Coco Chanel website,  and with over one million followers on Twitter, 7 million fans on Facebook. As being a global brand all these features can be seen in select languages according to the viewer.

          Chanel is a trustworthy brand, the consumer's trust that with buying these products whether it is makeup or a handbag that it is of the utmost quality. Consumer's buy Chanel's products to be stylish and wear what is in season. There are six collections of clothing made each year, consumer's want to buy pieces from these collections because they are the most up to date fashion. Chanel is a very creative brand that sets high standards and influences the fashion world and other designers. The consumer purchases Chanel products because they are made to last. They last for generations to wear because of the timeless effect that Chanel has.

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