Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chapter 8 - Segmenting and Targeting Markets

       When Chanel first arrived into the fashion world in 1909, the small brand was targeted towards the new age woman who wanted to be dressed in style and class. Which started off mostly in hats and simple clothing. As for today, I have stated previously in other chapters, the House of Chanel caters to a target market of mostly women from as young as 16 years old to 80 years old. Chanel does also target to men, mostly mid twenties to middle aged. Chanel is a high quality brand, meaning that those who can afford it, purchase it. Customer's can choose from an array of products. There is something available for everyone.  Chanel offers, haute Couture Line, ready to wear, resort line, men's and children's collection, fragrances, accessories, footwear, skin care, and cosmetics.
   Chanel's geographic segmentation is expansive with a large market in Asia and Europe. Chanel has over 200 stores world wide, mainly in metropolitan cities such as, New York, Miami, Paris, Moscow, etc.  In terms of psychographic segmentation Chanel, holds much value to those who can’t afford the brand. Lower class and middle class working people crave the brand because of its high status and features all over magazines, and billboards. Chanel presents advertisements with infamous supermodels and actors, which reaches out to the this target market. Chanel is not just a luxury brand it is an iconic brand.

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