Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chapter 11 - Developing and Managing Products


          Chanel is a established luxury fashion brand and beauty company, which is well known to the world and the fashion industry. Chanel is most famous for revolutionizing fashion for women and presenting a timeless style of elegance for all ages. Apart from founder Coco Chanel, the company's success in developing products remains on Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Lagerfeld has never failed in giving the consumer's what they desire in a luxury brand. Chanel is able to strike a strong balance between the past and the present which something that eludes many luxury competitors. The House of Chanel works with punky, of-the-moment models like Cara Delevingne while always upholding a timeless, prim and proper image.
       In recent years Chanel has undergone an industrial revolution. The old-fashioned fabrication has been replaced with state of the art production methods carried out in factories in Compiegne, Pantin, and Saint- Chamant. All manufacturers’ procedures are regulated down to the smallest detail. Chanel offers the classic product items in their boutiques throughout the year while, introducing new products with each fashion season. Chanel is most famous for The suit, The Cameilia, The Little Black Dress, jewelry, and fragrance & beauty.  

        For Chanel the development of new products and clothing is all about creativity. The foundation of creativity is the codes of the brand. These codes are iconic because eight times a year, for two haute couture and six ready-to-wear collections , Karl Lagerfeld and his studio to come up with new interpretations. The team of innovators create, collection after collection, inventing the Chanel story again. The company's strong to devotion to fine materials, technology, and to the brand's philosophy have contributed to number of product lines that have excelled. Currently, Chanel is one of the most successful business models founded on creativity.

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