Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chapter 17: Advertising and Public Relations

             Chanel has a wide variety of advertising campaigns that are featured in fashion magazines, billboards, department stores, and occasionally on television commercials that can be seen all over the world, as well in different languages. Chanel spends millions each year on advertising, using various famous models and celebrities for these advertisements. For example, Chanel has used Kate Moss and Keira Knightley to be its spokespeople for the fragrance Coco Mademoiselle, and Marilyn Monroe for Chanel No.5. Today, Karl Lagerfeld hand picks the models used for the newest Chanel campaigns and takes the photographs for the Ready-to-Wear national ad campaigns. Much thought and detail go into making advertisements for Chanel, which goes hand in hand with the clothing. Chanel offers advertisements for all areas of productions which they sell. The most common advertisements seen would be clothing, cosmetics, and fragrances. These advertisements aren't as frequent or pushy as other brands because Chanel is already a well-known exclusive brand. These advertisements usually target towards people who can afford the brand from as young as a teenager to a stylish senior citizen.                                      
         Chanel is a global leader in the fragrance industry and a top innovator in fragrance advertising and marketing. Chanel continued to spend more on advertising than almost any other perfume company and, as a result, was earning the richest profit margins in the industry. In addition, the company had continued to expand into new product lines, including Chanel watches retailing for as much as $7,000, additions to its popular shoe line, and other high-priced clothes, cosmetics, and accessories. Chanel uses advertising appeal mostly when it comes to cosmetics and skin care line, showing the consumer with buying certain products it will improve their skin or denounce flaws in facial features. 

     In terms of Public Relations Chanel has many different techniques. Chanel has regular merchandise demonstrations for publishing new products that invite media to report. These kind of meetings can also function as a means of product placement. Chanel often has dinner parties for celebrities like movie stars or top models who are invited to join as to enhance Chanel’s popularity. Cooperating with websites is another way of promotion, such as style.com, or vogue. Chanel also has their own website with an FAQ and also a fashion blog. Chanel also offers exhibitions for media and the public. One of the most recent exhibitions was titled "The Little Black Dress" clearly after Chanel's iconic little black dress which has influenced today's fashion. This exhibition was seen all over the world, including New York Paris, Berlin, Dubai, and Milan.


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