Monday, April 8, 2013

Chapter 18: Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

           Chanel is a very expensive and exclusive brand, in which doesn’t offer many sales for the public. They don’t offer many sales for clothing because of the high quality material in most of the products. Mostly all the products are consumed by buyers who can afford Chanel so, sales are not frequent. Ready-to-wear clothing from previous seasons may have higher or sometimes lower prices. The article of clothing maybe valued at more money because of its exclusivity or lower because it is 'out' of season.  The price of clothing usually is lowered after one or two seasons later. Since Chanel products are also sold in certain department stores, there are also promotional sales for cosmetics and skin care items. Many advertisements for department stores and Chanel may be shown to try and new product, sample, or test new makeup. The four different types of Chanel cosmetic sales promotion are 1.) adding value (gift set)  2.) makeup  3.)new product samples  4.)complimentary shipping.   

            Another way of sales promotion is privates sales in certain boutiques which are held occasionally for certain collections. One of the most recent promotional sales in New York City was when the Chanel boutique in Soho had first opened in 2010 on Fashion's Night Out. Chanel has many events when they launch their line or open a new store, they give the guests Chanel product. This allows the guests to test the products and take samples home.  At the opening celebrities attended as well as Karl Lagerfeld, which always brings in a crowd.                  
          In terms of personal selling, Chanel products are often sold on the internet. Usually previous owner's will sell their used products on websites such as amazon, ebay, etc. Buyers are usually more cautious when purchasing items online because buying a counterfeit product is always at risk. Buyers who do purchase previously owned Chanel products, fall in the target market who aren't wealthy and can't easily afford Chanel products.


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